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Start sending SMS

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To create and send a text message (or series of messages) go to the Conversation Manager

Create a new Conversation

Select the text message / SMS channel or an empty conversation, name your conversation and select your contact list or just skip that step and click on create.

Click on the start button and the node selection window appears

Add an SMS Node to your conversation

You have now a new SMS Node called New Step. Double click on the New Step and the SMS Editor window appears.

Add content to your SMS by writing, copy/pasting or selecting a template.

You can add dynamic content pulled from the contact list with labels inserted in your message to personalize it. See How to add dynamic content to a message‚Äč

Leave the priority on Basic. High priority SMS are usually more expensive than Basic priority, it should only be selected to high, for messages that have to be delivered instantly, like transactional SMS.

Close the SMS node when you're done editing and click on Activate

Click on "Select" to select the Contact List to which you want to send the message(s) to.

Select the contact list you want to use for this communication

The system will try to make an automatic mapping of the fields that have similar names.

The fields on the left column are the ones you are using in your messages, and the fields on the right column correspond to fields in the contact list you have selected. In some cases, the system wouldn't find an equivalence in the names, so you have to make the mapping manually.

Select the type of service for your Conversation. In most cases the type of communication is Marketing, but it could be Transactional communications, Billings, Mandatory communications, etc.

Select the date and time of activation.The most used is Immediate Sending, but you can activate also by programming a future date and time, periodically or by a Webservice (Webservice activation is recommended for advanced users).

Click on the Activate green button at the bottom of the page

You get an activation confirmation with the information abstract of your conversation. Click on Send to confirm the activation.

You conversation is active now and you see the live reports window. The report will show you more data as time passes and your contacts interact with the SMS message.

Updated on: 08/11/2021

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