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Adding Filters - Bounced Email filter

The bounced Email filter allows you to mark directly in a field in your database those email addresses that bounced and the reason why they bounced.

When activating a conversation, DANAConnect allows you to add a filter to your communications, so you can take action after the filter, like, for example, sending through another channel or updating your contact list with information that identifies the reason why the email bounced.

To use this filter, you must follow the next steps:

Enter the Conversation Manager

2.Access a conversation or create a new one

Create at least two nodes in a conversation so the funnel icon appears in between the two nodes

Click on the filter funnel icon and add a Email bounced filter for 1 time recurrence and click on save. The nodes that you add after that filter will only be executed in the case that the email actually bounces.

After you add the email bounced filter the filter funnel icon will change into a Envelope with a yellow alert sign.

It is possible to update your contact list with dynamic information that is returned after the email bounced if you add an Update node after the filter:

For the status of the email if it is bounced, You must add Label: Bounce Code - Operator: set Value: $f{Status}

For the kind of bounce (soft, hard) add Label: Bounce Category, Operator: set, value $f{Category}

For the action taken by the server add Label:Action, Operator: set, value $f{Action}

To update your contact list with Bounce Code, Bounce Category and Action you will need fields added to your contact list to store this data ​

Updated on: 08/11/2021

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