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DANAconnect Super-Tag Library

This library is intended for non-programmers using DANAconnect and is a set of example tags combined with regular expressions that can be copied into content added to conversations and messages in the Conversation Manager to validate, extract, subtract and filter text from fields in the contact list.

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Note to Programmer Users: How to form tags with regular expressions and/or substrings (Super-tags)?
UseFull Text in DatabaseThis is the Super-TagText shown in Message
Extract Year from Date31/12/2022$s{date^(\d{4})$}2022
Extract First Word from Full TextMaria Gomez$s{name^(\S+\s*?){1}$}Maria
Extract Second Word from Full TextMaria Gomez$s{name^(\S+\s*?){2}$}Gomez
Extract First Letter of Second WordMaria Gomez$s{text^(\S+\s*?){2}$:1}G
Extract Last 4 Digits from Phone/Credit Card Number18556003262$s{phone:-4}3262
Extract First Letter from TextFLORIDA$s{text:1}F
Extract First Two Letters from TextFLORIDA$s{text:2}FL
Extract First Three Letters from TextFLORIDA$s{text:3}FLO
Extract Email from Longer Text"This is the email:"$s{email^/([a-zA-Z0-9._-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9._-]+\.[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)/$}
Extract Username from Email Address (the part before @)$s{text^((?:[a-z][a-z]+))$}lab
Extract Domain from URL or Email Address$s{address^^(?:https?:\/\/)?(?:[^@\/\n]+@)?(?:www\.)?([^:\/\n]+)$}

Updated on: 05/02/2023

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